PHT.301 Physics of Semiconductor Devices




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Bipolar transistors




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Books on Semiconductor Devices

   Physics of Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology, S. M. Sze   
   A textbook on semiconductor devices.

   Semiconductor Devices, Jasprit Singh   
   A textbook on semiconductor devices.

   Physics of Semiconductor Devices S. M. Sze   
   A standard reference book on semiconductor devices. Available as an ebook from the TU Graz library.

    Physik der Halbleiterbauelemente, F. Thuselt, Springer 2005    

Physik der Halbleiterbauelemente

This book describes the basics of semiconductor device physics. It is available as an e-book from the TU Graz library.

    Semiconductor fundamentals online course    

Semiconductor fundamentals

This online course covers up to the end of the transport section of PHT.301.

    International Roadmap for Devices and Systems    

International Roadmap for Devices and Systems

The IRDS is a set of predictions that serves as the successor to the ITRS. The intent is to provide a clear outline to simplify academic, manufacturing, supply, and research coordination regarding the development of electronic devices and systems.

    PV Lighthouse website    

PV Lighthouse

PV Lighthouse maintains a website with useful calculators for quantities such as the resistivity or mobility of semiconductors.

Semiconductor device fabrication

    Introduction to Microfabrication, Sami Franssila    

Introduction to Microfabrication

This will be the primary text for the course. It is available as an e-book through the TU Graz library. TU Graz students can download the pdf files of the chapters of this book using an IP address of the TU.

    BYU Cleanroom    

BYU Cleanroom

A website about the Brigham Young University cleanroom with useful notes about cleanroom procedures.

    Reinraumtechnik, Editors: Lothar Gail, Udo Gommel, Hans-Peter Hortig    


Describes clean-room technologies. Available as an e-book from the TU-Graz library.