The base centered cubic lattice

Drag to rotate
+s or Right-Mouse
Drag to scale
+t or Middle-Mouse
Drag to translate
Switch to reset
w / q
Start / Stop auto-rotation
Show popup menu

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Controls in project panel (ctrl-p or right-mouse/Control Panel/Inspector/Project):
Slider "a" Lattice constant in real space.
Check boxes "set visible"
Set specific geometries visible.
Choice "Select space"
Switch between real and reciprocal space.
Button "Run"/"Stop" Start/Stop autorotation of geometries.
Button "Shortcuts" Opens window displaying keyboard shortcuts (also F1 in applet)
Button "Reset" Set values to the default value.

This applet shows the lattice points, the first Brioullin zone and important symmetry elements of the base centered lattice in the reciprocal space and it also provides the visualization of the real lattice points, the Wigner Seitz cell and importand symmetry elements corresponding to it. It is written with the JavaView library which can be downloaded at

View source code and some notes:
source of applet (zipped).