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Books on Solid State Physics

Introductory textbooks

   Festkörperphysik, R. Gross und A. Marx    

This book is based on a course given at TU Munich. We will cover the material in about the first 10 chapters of this book. Available as an e-book: De Gruyter: Festkörperphysik

   Introduction to solid state physics, 8th edition, C. Kittel   
   The most widely used introductory solid state physics textbook. A German translation is available in the library. We will cover about the first eight chapters of this book.

   Festkörperphysik, H. Ibach and H. Lüth   
   The most widely used introductory solid state textbook in German speaking countries. Available as an ebook from the TU Graz library.


   International Tables for Crystallography    
   This is a comprehensive eight volume set with lots of information on crystals. The books are available online at The TU Graz has a subscription to the 2006 Edition. This should be available from TUG computers.

   Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD)    
   This is a database of crystal structures. You can use it to download CIF files which specify how the atoms are arranged in a specific crystal. If you know which atoms are in the crystal, put the chemical formula in the textfield "Structural Formula", provide the "Number of Elements", press "Run Query".

ICSD database

   Materials Project    
   The Materials Project is an effort to compute the properties of all inorganic materials and provide the data and associated analysis algorithms for every materials researcher free of charge. The database includes crystal structure CIF files and properties that are deduced from the crystal structure such as the electron band structure and the phonon band structure.

Materials Project