PHY.K02UF Molecular and Solid State Physics


Every student must contribute something to the course that will help students in the future. In 2009, some students decided to write a set of course notes. The notes are in German and cover the same material that was presented during the lectures.

There is still much work that could be done to improve the notes. Some of the topics covered in the lectures are not included. Adding a chapter to the notes would be a suitable project for two students. Another suitable project who be to edit one of the existing chapters. Contact Prof. Resel or Prof. Hadley before starting to work on a chapter. Please replace all copyrighted images with either original images or public domain images. The chapter editors should also include a resource section that indicates which books and websites the editor finds most helpful in understanding the material of that chapter.

Skriptum 2013.

Prof. Resel has the Latex files.