PHY.K02UF Molecular and Solid State Physics

Notes for TU Graz Students

This website accompanies a course on solid state physics that is taught at Graz University of Technology in Graz, Austria. The course is taught in English. A web page has been made for every major section of the course. The sections generally correspond to chapters in the text we are using, Introduction to Solid State Physics, by Kittel. On each page, the topics that are covered in that section are listed. Often the topics are linked to the appropriate Wikipedia entry. Wikipedia provides useful definitions and it has the advantage that information is available in various languages.

The reading for each section is usually chapters (or parts of chapters) from Kittel. Sometimes other material is provided in electronic format. An online set of lectures in German, Lecture Notes of Prof. Gross to the Lectures on "Solid-State Physics I + II", is also a good source of information. It is expected that the students participating in this course have read the material listed in the reading list.

Underneath the reading assignment, references are listed. These are not required reading. These references should be referred to if some topic in the reading list is not clear. The references might also be useful when solving problems.

There is a list of practice problems including many old exam questions. At least half of the problems on the written exam will be very similar to problems in this list.

Every student must contribute something that will improve the course for students in the future. Usually this will be making a multimedia presentation of about 3 minutes. The presentation should explain one of the topics The presentation will be posted on the course website. See making presentations for more information.